Elemental Collection

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This listing is for the entire Elemental Orb Collection. It contains all 4 Elements, Earth, Air, Fire, & Water.

These fantastic hanging Elemental Orbs connect us with the 4 Elements found within nature. Raise your vibration and align with the energy which flows through the micro and macrocosm. Each Orb corresponds to an Element.

Please note that this item comes in DIY kit form. It includes all 4 Elemental Orbs, each Orb containa an Airplant, a bag of gravel substrate, a bag of corresponding colour Reindeer Moss, a corresponding tumble stone and appropriate decorative items. (decorative items subject to availability and may vary)

(Background garland for marketing purposes only and is NOT included, colours may vary according to your screen settings, natural items may vary in colour, shape and size. The contents of the photograph is for illustation purposes, be aware that the item you receive may not be the exact same one as pictured )