Kokedama Display

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Within the Japanese culture of aesthetic appreciation, the Kokedama was born during the Edo period (1603-1868). Kokedama translates to 'moss ball', 'koke' meaning moss and 'dama' meaning ball. The art of transforming the basic aesthetic of house plants into something far more sculptured for display has a deep tradition.

These kokedama balls differ from the traditional kokedama in a unique and significant way, they do not contain soil! Airplants do not require soil, so these Kokedama are perfect for anyone who wants to create a look of exceptional style but without all the usual hassles normally encountered by plant keepers.

Airplant Crafts Kokedama balls are lightweight, no soil, easy to hang and care for displays. With a regular misting regime these beautiful, spherical hanging gardens will add allure to any environment or indoor greenspace.

An airplant caresheet is included with the purchase of this product.

(photographed content for display purposes only. This listing is for 1 kokedama moss ball display, plants may vary)