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Published on 2 April 2022 at 18:23

Trending with Elemental Wellbeing is a fast growing addition to #greenspaces in rural places!

Without a doubt the benefits of creating green spaces in our offices and homes has become well known and very popular. Combining crystal vibrations with plants has also seen popularity both for plant health as well as personal wellbeing. Now plant lovers are taking this combination to the next level and we are seeing a rise in awareness of the elemental correspondences in connection with these two popular trends.

Elemental correspondences are fulfilling our growing desire for connection with nature and our planet. As eco-friendly products and eco-awareness becomes increased many are taking a more spiritual approach to plant keeping and this is where we see the elemental trend of wellbeing really come into its own.

Air plants are a perfect plant choice when it comes to expressing our desire for connection with these elements. As plant material they are of solid matter, they can be found growing in the most unusual places in the wild, often hanging from cliffs or clinging to trees and rocky outcrops. They love a varied environment too from desert to forest but what they all have in common is that they are a physical manifestation in the kingdom of Malkuth - the earth!

On the tree of life, they can be found at the 10th sephira, this is the sphere of substance and complete form. When combined with crystals such as Obsidian, they resonate with the energy of grounding, which we all need in our day to day lives. There are times when we can walk around in a day dream or consumed by our fantasies and this powerful combination of an airplant and Obsidian can keep our feet based in reality and rooted. 

It's all in a name! 'Air' Plants! Yes, you guessed it, Air Plants are perfect as representations of the Element of Air because they thrive in the air! They may be of solid matter, however unlike many other plants they do not require the nutrients of soil to sustain them. They absorb the nutrients they need from the air, which is why they love good air circulation. The element of Air corresponds to our intellect, our communications, decision making capability and the loftier aspects of our being, our intentions. These crazy airplants are truly at home suspended without being rooted to anything! Combined with Citrine they open our higher mind, which is fantastic news for entrepeneurs, those seeking clarity and encouraging us to reach our goals. When it comes to reaching for the stars and achieving new heights, this combo really is the ultimate duo!

As we know, Air Plants are sun lovers. They need good light to grow and be healthy. They need warmth to keep them at their optimum best, so as a representation of the fire element, it's no surprise that they feature well, especially when you look at flowering Air Plants or Airplants such as the popular Tillandsia 'Fuego'. The word 'fuego' actually means fire and for those who love to explore language, it's also slang for 'sexy' or common to the phrase for an individual performing well, "Your'e on fire!".

In Old English traditions, the Beltane fire festivals celebrate this particular element, they acknowledge the change in seasons from the darker, colder months to the brighter, warmer part of the year. Not only that, sexuality is a large part of the celebration, acknowledging the fertitlity within nature and the lusty urges of human nature. When paired with Carnelian, which is ruled by the Sun, we combine the very essence of this element together. We connect with our creativity, our passions and our willpower. This active element gets us on the move as does Carnelian, our drive is increased which means we strive more! This is the element of our charisma, no wonder then that a blooming Air Plant likes to take centre stage and there's a valuable lesson in that for us too!  

When it comes to our emotional wellbeing, we often need to focus on our emotions. When they are out of whack and we feel 'off-kilter', it's usually because something has made us feel a certain way or our intuition is knocking at the door telling us somethings 'not right'. Our physical form is over 60% water, so it's no fluke that we are so very fluid when it comes to our moods and associated behaviours. have you ever heard the phrase "ruled by the Moon", well that's because the Moon is also associated with the element of Water. Our emotional tides ebb and flow in the same way the great Oceans of the planet do.

All life needs water and we share this need with our fellow plant allies. Air plants, contrary to belief, do need water. In the wild they take in moisture from the environment, their unique leaf forms taking in the life giving rains that fall. We are given life when we are suspended in the watery environment of our mothers womb and just as the Moon has a 28 day cycle, so does the physical cycle of the female form. 

Sodalite is a stone that many use to bring Feng-shui to their home or office space. Sodalite helps us to verbalise and balance our emotions and aids our intuition. The white ripples in the stones natural appearance ensure that we look beneath the surface and in this way we are able to tackle, head on the truth behind what we 'think' we are feeling. It's no secret that our emotions and our psychology are inextricably linked, however, often, we mis-assign labels of emotion to the physical response we are experiencing, for example, anger and passion share very similar physical responses. Both cause our heart rates to increase, both can make us tremble and our breathing becomes more rapid, The brain translates whats going on and labels our response with an emotion, not always the right one but its a quick response that happens in the blink of an eye. Sodalite helps us to dive deep into this connection and brings us the reality of our water born inner storms and tidal emotional swells. 

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Denine Colvin
2 years ago

I absolutely enjoyed your blog and look forward to reading many more.