Top 5 Airplant Moments of 2021

Published on 6 December 2021 at 12:28

It's December already and what a year we have had. In looking back and reminiscing over all that has passed this year, we thought we would share some of our favourite experiences with Airplants.

 Tillandsia Airplants

The months have flown by and as we head into the final days of 2021, the family has been reflecting on the years highs and lows and sharing their favourite moments and experiences. 

#5 Making the dream a reality!


At Number 5 of our Top Airplant Moments of 2021 is the day we took our dream of running our own business and made it a reality. This year was the year we decided to jump in with both feet and turn our passion for Tillandsia into a small business. It's been a journey to get where we are now. We took our passions and creativity and began working on our dream from the first spark of an idea into the nitty gritty of business planning. From planning to action came with a host of new learning. The in's and out's of day to day business has been a learning curve and one we are still learning. Creating a website, social media pages and mastering new software has been challenging. We learnt a lot about photography that we didn't know before too. Through all of the challenges, we worked together and we are all agreed that the best part of the journey is that we can now share our passion for airplants with others. We knew from the very beginning that we wanted to build and contribute to community.  

 Tillandsia Airplants

Tillandsia 'pups'

#4 Reproduction Baby!

There's never a dull moment around here but one of the most excting moments is the discovery of an airplant 'pup'. It doesnt matter how many times we experience that moment, it is always as exciting as the very first time. This year has been filled with plants and their 'pups'. The whole cycle of growth in each plant has been a joy to experience and secretly we all have our favourites. We even have fun games with one another like 'who can spot the baby?' or 'which will pup next?'. Of course there are no winners prizes other than bragging rights but we have had many fun filled moments with the airplants in our care this year and 'pupping' comes in at Number 4 on our Top 5 Airplant Moments of 2021.

 Tillandsia Airplants

Circinnata Bloom

#3 Brilliant Blooms!

Tillandsia flowers are so varied in size, shape and colour that it is impossible to tire of seeing them. There's a whole rainbow of hues to delight the beholder. It's been an exciting year for flowers and we have been thrilled by the eyecatching, showstopping varieties we've been witness to. We all agree that with so many, it's impossible to say which we liked the most. Airplants really do make incredible displays and the joy of spotting the first signs of flowering is always enthralling, the flowers produced are a triumpth of nature! 

 Tillandsia Airplants Community

#2 Tillandsia Friends & Community!

Growing a small business is a process and one that can't happen without support. We are delighted to have the opportunity to make new friendships thoughout the plant loving and small business communities. We love to share our journey with others and we love to join you on your journeys too. Number 2 on our Top 5 Airplant Moments of 2021 is dedicated to everyone we have had the joy of interacting with. Your passion for plants, photographs, videos and more have inspired us, brought smiles to our faces and added value to our lifestyle. We appreciate each and every one of you. Talking Tilly's never gets old and the community is amazing. Global networking has been an adventure filled with "Wow" moments when you have shared your airplant experiences with us. Plants really do make people happy and people who love plants make great friends. 

 Tillandsia Airplants

Tillandsia Varieties

#1 The Wonderful World Of Tillandsia!

Number 1 on our Top 5 Airplant Moments of 2021 is definitley the airplants themselves. Experiencing their growth, sharing their growth and photographing their growth. Having the opportunity to introduce people to the wonderful world of Tillandsia and provide educational content about these fascinating and unusual plants is the best experience of the year for us. We have loved every minute and we will continue to create more content as we move forward. Air Plant Crafts as a small, family business looks forward to serving the communities that have welcomed us and we have been working hard to produce free downloads and video content to become available in the coming year. Creating your own oasis with airplants is not only enjoyable, it is beneficial. Wellbeing, style and added value to your lifestyle couldn't be easier. These low maintenance, easy to care for plants really do add allure and enhance special memories. Our best moments this year have been the best because we experienced the joy of airplants and the way they bring 'joy to the world'!. 

We hope you've enjoyed this weeks blog and we wish everyone the very best the season has to offer.

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