Mental Health & Wellbeing with Airplants

Published on 25 October 2021 at 13:40

When it comes to our health, it appears that we always place a priority on our physical wellbeing. However, the most powerful aspect of our wellbeing is often overlooked, sidelined and/or dismissed. Our mental wellbeing plays a huge part, not only on our psyche but our overall health. World Mental Health Day, this year fell on the 10th October. This blog hopes to continue to raise awareness now that the date has past and the social media buzz has lapsed once more. Mental wellbeing is crucial to our overall health and enjoyment of life. Did you know that caring for plants can help with mental health and wellbeing? Yes, they can and here, we are going to discuss how caring for Tillandsia Airplants can be an excellent option to consider when you want to improve, maintain and sustain great, overall wellbeing.

There are many aspects to mental health and an individuals mental wellbeing. The causes of depression, anxiety, PTSD and other illnessess are many. Mental Health illnessess are unseen and for the most part go unrecognised, undiagnosed and are frequently misunderstood. Public perception in recent times has thankfully shifted somewhat but theres still a very long way to go before we can confidently say that funding for Mental Health is adequate. Neither can we currently state with conviction that this area of health is regarded as something that can affect anyone at anytime and therefore will recieve the social empathy and understanding it deserves. Until that happens, many will suffer in silence, often alone and subject to discriminatory judgement. 

In a bid to promote mental wellbeing, Air Plant Crafts looks at how caring for plants has been shown to help. Airplants in particular are a great choice of plant to start with as they have very simple needs and can be displayed almost anywhere. 

Spending time in nature is great for our wellbeing. It has been shown to reduce stress and eleviate anxiety. There are times however when we can't get outdoors and are therefore, we are unable to reap the benefits. People who suffer from depression and anxiety will well know how difficult it can be to step into public settings and get to the great outdoors. Although incredibly healing, it can at times be too much and feeling overwhelmed is not uncommon. In situations like this, the humble houseplant becomes our best ally. 

Creating green spaces within our homes is not only enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing. Creating indoor green spaces is therapeutic too. We can reduce mental fatigue by creating our own oasis at home. Airplants are very tolerant and because they dont require soil, they can be placed in various situations, which means we can surround ourselves with easy-to-care-for plant allies. We can place them in containers that bring us joy, we can hang them in various ways to bring us the feeling of being under a leafy canopy, we can create biomes of any theme bringing different landscapes to life in our own living spaces. Green spaces indoors are not only for plant enthusiasts, they are for everyone and we can all benefit from creating them.

Studies have shown that green spaces can lower the symptoms of depression. One particular study reported 20-30% higher recovery rates in a study group who spent time in an arboritum rather than typically medicated. Time and time again, researchers have reported less anxiety, increased mood and improved memory amongst the study groups when they experience green spaces. This has applications across home and business. Plants make people happy and happy people are well people.

Not only can plant parenting help with the symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression but creating your own green space could also help with Dementia and ADHD. Dementia patients have shown improved cognitive ability when actively caring for plants. Demetia is a complex illness and one that often brings with it a change in the sufferers demeanor. Agressive behaviours are just one of those changes and are a symptom. These behaviours have been shown to decrease when plant care becomes a part of daily routine. Maintaining a green space indoors really does have wellness benefits beyond measure for a myriad of mental health illnesses.  

Airplants require such little space that they are ideal for creating green spaces. You can create green spaces in your home, in the office, at your place of business, in residential homes, classrooms and a whole host of other environments. It has been proven that green environments help with intelligence, concentration, productivity, concentration, self-esteem and an overall sense of enhanced lifestyle.

If you would like to create a green space, take a look at our blog 'Make your greenspace greener-Upcycling' or browse our shop for Tillandsia specimens and Display Collections.

Next week we will be spotlighting a fantastic Air Plant species that loves to twist and turn.

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