Make Your Green Space Greener! - Upcycling!

Published on 18 October 2021 at 14:25

We all like to help the environment where we can and at Air Plant Crafts, we do as much as we can to be environmentally friendly. We use recyclable packaging and labelling where possible and our business aim is to reduce our carbon footprint and become even greener as we grow. One of our priorities is the ethos of recycle, reuse and reduce. Helping our customers to be greener is also important to us. This weeks blog gives tips which we hope will help you think outside of the box and create exciting airplant displays with the items you may otherwise not have considered. Turning those one time use, throwaway, everyday items into terrariums and airplant holders is one of the best ways you can make your green spaces even greener!

'Tillandsia Seleriana displayed in an upcycled candle holder'

Jars, bottles and glass containers are one of the easiest items to start with. Many products found in the home come packaged in some sort of glass container. For example, think about all of the food products, drinks containers and candle holders that are made from glass. These containers usually get thrown away once the original product they contain has gone. With a bit of imagination and a clean, these items can be reinvented to house airplants and become truly unique and eyecatching displays. 

'Tillandsia with an Upcycled Glass Bowl & Seaglass Display'

Most dinnerware sets come in matching 6's or 12's but what happens when the set becomes short a setting or two? Cups, plates, bowls, glasses and serving platters can all be transformed from that odd piece hiding in the kitchen cupboard to a wonderful display. Theme your display to your current colour ways and add to the allure of home or business decor with an charming arrangement. These personalised designs can really express who you are and are make great conversation pieces.

'Ionantha displayed in an Expresso Cup'

With so many airplants to choose from, there is no limitation to creative and fun things you can do with Tillandsia. They can be displayed in so many varied ways because they aren't restricted to being in soil pots. They can be free! You can hang them anywhere at any angle, you can add them to table arrangements and you can move them around easily as they are so very portable. You never need be bored with these amazing plants, change your decor...change your display, it's that easy!

'Tillandsia on Driftwood'

You can create wonderful airplant displays with other natural items too. For example, driftwood is very popular right now and making a hanging arrangement couldn't be easier. Select your plants and embellishments and attach them to driftwood, fallen branches, shells or log slices. Adding embellishments to your display that would otherwise be thrown away can be a cost effective way to add that personal touch, so look at broken jewellery, handbag charms or keyrings. Use wire to hold plants in place (we prefer this than glue where possible) and pop a fixing onto your display to hang it. Fixings can be bought cheaply from hardware stores or you can twist wire around your display to create a hanging loop.


We hope you have enjoyed this weeks air plant blog and continue to find more and more ways to make your green spaces greener. We have suggested just a few but we have no doubt that there are many more you can come up with yourselves. We love community and would love to see your creations, feel free to email us with photographs or tag us on social media using the hash tag #greenergreenspaces


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