Secret Santa & Stocking Fillers, It's an Airplant Christmas!

Published on 7 October 2021 at 19:49

At Air Plant Crafts, we are gearing up for a holly, jolly Christmas, it's the best time of the year! We've designed some fabulous Christmas gifts that are sure to bring delight and the seasons joy to all.

Living gifts are the best gifts and Air Plant Crafts like nothing more than to give our customers a range of seasonal designs with plenty of options for all occasions and Christmas is no different. This Year we have products available that are perfect as a Christmas gift for colleagues in a Secret Santa, a Christmas gift for Mum or Dad, a stocking filler for Sister or Brother or as a Christmas gift for boyfriends and girlfriends. Our prices are reasonable and give you the option of snagging a bargain or splurging on that someone special. 

Airplants are great gifts because they last! Other gifts may end up broken, the batteries die or once used, leave you with empty packaging that gets thrown away but a living gifts keep on going. Airplants are even more convenient that most other houseplants due to the fact that they don't require soil, need little water and can tolerate most light conditions without suffering. Healthy, happy Tillandsia are the friend to anyone who has a mad schedule to keep, have little time or are simply not that green fingered. These plants require such low maintenance that they will sit under the Christmas Tree in a box waiting to be unwrapped and gifted for up to 14 days! Now thats pretty handy and it demonstrates how little effort their care regime needs to be. 'No faff' plants that meet the needs of a busy world. Not only that, they come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and colours. Some are silver, some are green, they can be curly, they grow tall and straight and best of all they flower. Yes, Airplants do flower. 


In fact, theres even an Airplant thats so perfect for Christmas, it's name reflects the season, the Tillandsia 'Snowy' or 'Snowball' with its snowflake-like leaves. This stunning Airplant is eye-catching and leaves people in awe of its beauty.



Airplant lovers, plant enthusiasts and young growers all favour this unusual, silvery/white snowflake and I think you'll agree, it's easy to see why. This Airplant in particular needs very little water, a light mist and no feeding is enough for this little gem to stay healthy. The Tectorum does like it bright though, due to its native habitat where it happily clings to the rocky outcrops and cliffs of Equador and Peru. A firm fan favourite, this Tillandsia prefers drier conditions than most and grows in large colonies naturally. Without a doubt this Airplant is an excellent choice as a Christmas gift due to its namesake...'Snowy'. 

So, if your looking for Christmas Gift ideas or a treat for yourself, Air Plant Crafts have something for everyone. We have seasonal themed items and Tillandsia designs to suit every home, business or gifting need. Take a look at our shop today and browse our product listings. We are confident that you will find something suitable no matter the occasion or the environment. Whether your adding to the ambience of your home, looking for office & business decor or want to introduce natural elements to your lifestyle, we have it! 

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